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allovertheplace , 24 May 2010

How about partners?

So I think I've attempted this forty day challenge at least a dozen times now and it only seems that I can make it to day 2. I'm frustrated because I've defintely given up in a very odd way. I stopped wearing makeup and somehow i allowed that to justify picking. I feel like I don't even try anymore when I walk into that bathroom. I feel rather pathetic, I was so pumped last month when I gave up makeup and started facing the world. I was ignoring white heads and letting pimples heal naturally, but I don't know what's happened. I've been staying at my boyfriend's house a lot lately, but it seems that when I do come home, I always end up picking. So here's my idea, after reading a lot of your guy's posts on struggling with this forty day challenge, I thought maybe we could all partner up with someone for extra support. What do you guys think?
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May 24, 2010

In reply to by 40daysfromnow

hello, yes I am new to this forum but have been picking my face since I was 14. I am currently 24. I have skin that heals fast but I don't want it to get worse. I pick my face about twice a day and for about half an hour. I think it's about a lot of things including self worth and out of boredom. If anyone is interested in partnering up to take on a 40 day challenge please respond to this post and then we can exchange email addresses. I am deeply committed to this process I could just use some support from people who understand. best of luck to everyone!
May 25, 2010
I am willing to be a partner, or for all of us to work together to support each other! I tried going one day and it was such a struggle I broke down and started picking agian. It makes me feel horrible that I can't even wait one day!!
May 25, 2010
I am 45 and having been picking my face on and off since I was about 15. I have gone years without picking but then I seem to always go back. It is really bad right now because I got a couple of chemical peels to help with the scars and that seemed to make me want to do it more. I have spent hundreds of dollars on products and treatments for acne only to let it all clear up and then I start picking again every time. It is a habit and a tension/stress reliever for me. Anyone close to my age out there?

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