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GB , 28 May 2010

Hand and feet

I have been picking my hands for over 40 years and most of that time I never really thought anything was wrong. I do it to my feet too but not as much. I can remember back to when I was about 9 or 10. I can't remember doing it prior to that. Back then it seemed it was mostly the ends of my fingers. I remember that I had stopped it once, when I was probably in my early thirties just by deciding not too. My hands healed right up. But now I way worse, I can't seem to control it. It is mostly on my inner hands now for about the last 10 years. Mostly my thumbs from top to bottom and into my palm. I've stopped and thought about it a few times, and it seems if I feel some roughness , or an edge or see something that's not smooth or matbe a dry spot, that's when I start. It's like I'm trying to fix it. But it is all calas and ofcoarse it just keeps perpetuating. I think I could stop if I could where gloves all the time until they are healed. Sometimes when I'm anxious I do it too. I would like to stop this. People have noticed my hands. I also do it watching TV. Then it's like I need to do something with my hands and don't even realize i'm doing it. Once I start, it's like I can't stop until there are no more rough edges or dry spots. Sometime I hurt myself and bleed. I'm 52 now, and am worse than ever. My underside of my thumbs are totally calas all the way to the bottom, and now I'm working my way toward the middle of my palm. I just happen to search tonight sitting at work. It never crossed my mind that other people do this. I wish I could stop.

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