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lifeisbeautiful , 28 May 2010

My plan of action for quitting

Skin picking is one hard habit to break! My plan of action involves Habit Reversal Training along with meditation. You can read more about HRT here: 1) I will keep a log with the dates and amount of time spent skin picking, which will measure my progress as I work towards recovery. 2) I will meditate using diaphragmatic breathing for 10 minutes every morning. 3) I will do a 30 minute meditation once a week (or more often if I'm feeling especially "picky") using the Hemi-Sync De-Hab CD. 4) I will practice my "competing response" behavior every time I go to the bathroom. This involves clenching your fists and holding them firmly against your hips for 1 minute. 5) When I find myself studying my skin in the bathroom mirror I will put Habit Reversal Training to work: close my eyes, breathe from my diaphragm, and clench my fists against my hips for 1 minute. Then walk away from the mirror. Anyone else interested in putting HRT to the test?
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August 02, 2010
Thank you for the advice! I will definitly try this. How is it working for you?

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