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AshamedMNgal , 31 May 2010

scab picker, eater, and chronic scratching

Never did I think that I would come across this website when I sat down tonight and I NEVER thought I would be posting something. I hate to sound like a broken record but I too thought I was the only one that has this discusting and disfiguring condition.I never inflict the sores but as soon as I get a scratch or a mosquito bite or whatever, its on. It starts out small and in no time its the size of a quarter. I pick several times daily. I do it in the bathroom at work. And as shamefull as it is I always eat it. My body is full of scars and I have tried to stop time and time again but just cannot escape this repulsive addicting hobby. I also am so itchy downtown that I relish the time when I can scratch the vag for minutes at a time. And since I have gone this far, I also love to smell my fingers afterwards. I feel awful about myself. What can I do? Is there drugs to treat these impulses?

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