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SafeInMySkin , 05 Jun 2010


Hey there guys, my name is Roo. I've been picking in some form since I was very young. When I was younger I had a lot of skin issues, so it's like I've just always been very aware or my skin. I used to pick mosquito bites and scabs-and I'm 28 now and I still have scars from a few injuriesI picked when I was in grade school. I never even realized what a telling thing it was about my anxiety as a kid...was anyone else a picker when they were young? I've always maintained and interest in picking, fingernails and the occasional scab, but the compulsive stuff didn't really start up until last year. I discovered tweezers and needles and all it took was one bad breakout with a bad cystic pimple and somehow I've had the same breakout in some form on my chin since. Sometimes it JUST ABOUT heals and then the cycle starts again. I also moved on to pulling out hairs on my legs and sometimes my bikini area(ugh, it's so mortifying to type all this out, but I want to get better and I think honesty is the way to go.) Now I think I've started a cycle on ingrown hairs coming in where I previously tweezed. And THEN you have t pick at the ingrown hairs...yeah you get the idea and I'm sure all of you have fallen into those self fullfiling patterns. Over the last two years I've been working inteseivly in therapy to work through my other self harming behaviors- which was cutting and anorexia. I have had only two episodes of cutting in the past year, and I don't weigh or diet any more. But my last vice is this picking. But I can remember a time when I never even thought of such a thing-now it's always in the back of my mind. But since i know I can overcome all my other self abuse, I believe I can overcome this too, and so can everyone of you. So just offering my support-I look forward to learning all of your stories and hopefully I can start to beat this once and for all.
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June 05, 2010
kmj You have overcome so much. I know you can overcome this, too. So many entries here have helped me in a short time. I was new last Thursday. This is a place to share and get rid of things. I'm so grateful! It helps to know we are all out here. There are many helpful things to find here. I wish you the best overcomer-that is what you are!
June 06, 2010
I know exactly what you're going through - I've picked my face and arms for about 11 years now and I'm in the process of trying to quit this self abuse. I did alot of research to help me through this, and found a really helpful website ( I hope you find this information helpful as well. Best of luck to you! ~Wade

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