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SafeInMySkin , 05 Jun 2010

Scar Treatments?

So I was wondering if anyone had overcome at least some of their picking habits and moved on to treatment of scars. I'm very fair skinned and wow-scares stick around. I've been pretty lucky so far with my face-just some small dimples here and there, but my legs are marred with dark circles from scab picking. I also have a lot of horizontal scars on my upper legs from when I was cutting. Does anyone know the best treatments and ways to fade the leftovers so we can move onto the future?
2 Answers
June 06, 2010
I haven't yet overcome it but I have done some research into options for scar treatment. There are many types of laser treatments available and from what I can tell, they are the best option for facial scars and possibly the dark scars you describe on your legs. I am not sure about the cutting scars. I have only cut a few times in my life but the scars do remain and it seems like they would be the most difficult to treat. I would recommend doing some research online. I've been thinking a lot about how I want my scars to fade/be minimized as much as possible so I can move on with life after I get past all of this and not have the constant reminder.
June 09, 2010
I'm still struggling to stop picking, and I know what you mean about scars. I tend to get small keloids in some areas, which makes it even harder. Dermabrasion/laser treatments seem like the best option. For a quick fix, I use self-tanner on my arms and legs. I am also very fair and tend to freckle and then tan in the summer but wind up with white spots where the scars are. The tanner helps even out the color at least, and gives an illusion of smoother skin.

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