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lvndestin2007 , 06 Jun 2010

Ugh...Day One Update

Okay, I picked my face really badly Thursday night and Friday morning, and decided to try and quit the nasty habit. I pictured myself waking up Saturday morning, and gazing into the mirror to find my skin perfect, soft, and clearer than it's ever been. However, my Saturday was nothing of the sort, and it has really been a struggle. Breaking a habit that you've had for 11 years isn't easy! The first thing I did this morning was sit in the sink, really close to the mirror, and look at my face for any blemishes that came up overnight. I actually found one close to my lip, and had both of my fingers in place to squeeze the crap out of it, and then remembered that today was the first day of my new commitment. So, needless to say, I had to force myself away from the mirror before I trashed my face. Every half hour or so, I found my way back to the mirror, staring at that same zit. I had to keep reminding myself not to touch it! Several times today I felt my fingers feeling my arms for any little bumps to squeeze - and found a few - and it has taken all that I have to keep from squeezing them. I thought to myself, maybe I could just lightly scratch them or something. I mean, would it really count as picking? Well, I didn't - only because I'm more serious than I ever have been about kicking this nasty habit. Two more hours to go, and I'll have made it through my first day. It's been tough, but I find strength communicating with the other users on this site and reading through the other posts. Please feel free to leave me new comments and tips - I really appreciate anything that you have to share. Thanks for stopping by!
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June 06, 2010
Good for you!! I know how hard it is to get through a whole day! I think most of us probably do. I do that "bargaining" thing too, like "if I just scratch it a little" or "if I just scrub my face a little more with this facewash" etc etc. One thing Ive been coming up against lately is when a pimple sort of pops on its own. I have some cyst-like ones on my chin that are healing for the most part, but sometimes after a hot shower, will start to drain. Often I'll find myself "helping" them along, the delusional thought being "well I didnt start it, but I can finish it off". Anyway CONGRATS! One tip I would suggest is to try and stay out of the mirror. The more I make myself aware of that one pimple the harder it gets for me to continue to not pop it. If its on my radar, like the one by your lip, you may eventually go at it. I think of me walking past the mirror to be just as difficult as an alcoholic walking past a table with a beer on it. They could go by it a bunch of times and not pick it up, but eventually its that one time that proves too difficult and they succumb to the addiction.The ocd in me makes me feel like I need to have total control over my body, and once I start to harp on it and try to perfect it , AT ALL, its a total downward spiral that I cant control. I realize that I cant ever again focus much on my body, even if/when my skin gets better. Thats because my mind will latch on to appearance. Whether it focusing on the negative or positive it doesn't much matter, I still obsess. I realize now its a head space I cant allow to let myself be in. And in a way it feels like a loss, but I know its worth it. Anyway I hope my sharing my experience helps you a bit. Again congratulations. Its good to hear other people are succeeding day by day!
June 06, 2010

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Thanks for your response! I couldn't agree more - it's definitely in my best interest to stay away from the mirror! Best of luck to you - and check the forums later. I'll be posting an update on day 2 shortly. Thanks! ~Wade
June 07, 2010
CONGRATS!!! Definitely keep us posted :) ■ ~why me (whyyou? whyanyofus?)
June 07, 2010
fabulous! that's the way! change your thinking. change your actions. keep on track. read through many of the other topics on this site. there's loads of information and tips and tactics. keep up the determination!!

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