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LJ , 12 May 2008

New and in Serious Pain

I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and wash my skin all day. in addition, i can't quit picking at my face, chest, and shoulders. I have lost my friends, job, fiance, and good looks because of this. Wish I could just quit this awful habit
3 Answers
May 13, 2008
Dermatillomania and OCD are indeed related. Problem is you cannot just quit. There's some profound inner searching and inquiry to be done to get to the root of the problem (which is psychological by nature, usually). Sometimes it seems like there's no answer - but there is. You just need to look in the right places. And endure - I know it aint easy..
May 27, 2008
Hi I'm new to this site, but was grateful to find it. As an "older adult", female, I have struggled with nail biting since a very young age - has progressed over the many years to picking at my cuticles and skin around fingernails till they are painful; then use bandaids to hide the damage I did to myself. Hate it, hate it. What's worse, is that I am in the healthcare field,. and Each time, I swear I'll do better. Then, I'll use different healing lotions, eventually a light nail polish; then the cycle begins all over again. Yes, I do experience a great deal of anxiety in my life, but why would do something that actually is painful at times, is beyond me. Any advice on vitamins, or natural products that may help??? This is the first time I have ever acknowledged this issue in writing; and I would appreciate any advice or insight from others.
May 31, 2008

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Oh, I sooo hear you! One of my many points of embarrassment in regards to this is that I too am a health care professional - I mean, I should know better - right? Well, it has taken me time to realise that knowing and feeling can be two different things. I can use any amount of logic... and common sense... and professional know-how to try to talk myself out of doing this - but I just feel worse & worse until I release my feelings by this CSP (I hate to even admit what I'm doing, as my logic self finds it repugnant) then I feel relief, which turns into guilt, as once again I let myself down........ not a happy cycle! My advice, keep (which I am trying myself) is to keep admiting it, here and to yourself. I am seeking the advice of a professional therapist (I have an appointment in 3 days) but I am feeling nervous as what to say.... as I mentioned, talking about it causes me anxieity & shame, but I am hoping tat opening up here helps there....! Good luck, I have no idea if this has helped in any way, but I hope so!

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