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Bizzaro , 07 Jun 2010


I found this post: that talks about taking the b-vitamin inositol to help with compulsive behavior such as skin picking and depression. Has anyone ever heard of or tried this before, and if so, has it worked for you?
6 Answers
June 07, 2010
i have read about it too. apparently the dosage required to be effective is so large it would require taking up to about 30-35 capsules a day.
June 07, 2010

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Going by that post, the treatment schedule would look like this: Week 1 - 1 tsp. 2x per day Week 2 - 1 tsp. 3x per day Week 3 - 1.5 tsp. 3x per day Week 4 - 2 tsp. 3x per day Week 5 - 2.5 tsp. 3x per day Week 6 - 3 tsp. 3x per day which is a total of 32 tsp. The guy recommends the Solaray brand. They have a 4oz bottle here: 4oz is 24 tsp, which would get you through week 5.
June 07, 2010
Looks like he got the info from this:

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