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wannastoppickin , 08 Jun 2010

Been doing this for far too long

I can't believe I stumbled upon this site because for years I thought I was the only one who did this. It started way back in grade school somewhere and I am almost 40 now. I pick my hands and fingers and there were a few times when I stopped for some reason and my hands looked wonderful. But ever since I started a new job last fall the picking returned and now they are raw and ugly. I want to stop but don't know how. When I was a kid my parents even humiliated me in front of other people about the skin picking. I have been a high-anxiety person all my life (diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder). Can anyone give me any tips?
1 Answer
June 08, 2010
read through the wealth of information within the topics on this site and in the menus ... there's also an online book on ... all the best to you as you look into this and embark on conquering it !!

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