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unaspenser , 09 Jun 2010

New, question about triggers.

Hi everyone. I am so glad to have found this site. I go back and forth between really enjoying the trance/zoning out/feeling of wellbeing that comes from picking, feeling like my picking is not much of a problem, and absolutely hating myself for doing it. I think sometimes I pick out of boredom, some out of strong emotions, and some subconsciously/habit-based. I definitely feel like I have an addiction without a drug. I have heard some suggest that there is a genetic component to picking. I have two sisters who both also struggle with this, as does my mom. That could be related to the fact that we all have had acne, but also self-esteem/abuse issues too. It's such a complex subject! I've tried lots of things to help me stop in the past, but always seem to find a way around it... I cut my nails really short then start using a pin or tweezers instead, etc. I have gotten a lot of great info from researching online, but I notice that often I start feeling the urge, itching skin, etc. when reading and researching. This has always been my reason for not joining forums or talking about this with others... I don't want to make this worse for myself by spending more time thinking/obsessing. Does anybody else experience this? What do you do to combat it?
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June 09, 2010
For me, half of the battle was making my picking a conscious behaviour. I used to just find myself picking, or find my face all destroyed and I didn't even realize I had started picking . It became such a strong habit for me that I wasn't aware when I was doing it. Reading the forums several times a day made me aware when I would start picking. The more often I would read this forum, the less automatic my picking became. So then I would be totally aware that I was picking but couldn't stop. So I had to sort out the other half of the problem. I used tips from these forums to help me and I am 90% better now, thanks to all of the contributors on this site. My biggest thing was realizing that normal, healthy skin has clogged pores, has blackheads, has the occasional pimple and that if you leave your skin it will heal better and faster on its own. I had to get past thinking that all my pores had to be unclogged. Once you truly convince yourself that your blackheads etc are perfectly fine where they are, you will be well on your way to recovery. Denial of that is a big problem for many of us. Picking anything on your skin IS harmful, no matter how many excuses you make for yourself.
June 09, 2010

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it's so good to hear from you and about your progress!! ♥♥♥ you are so right about those steps that are necessary to address. 90 % better? that's HUGE !! i am so happy for you. keep up the great success. i know it's an ongoing thing to keep on top of it. power to you !! ♥♥♥
June 10, 2010

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That's a good point. I do find myself thinking about and noticing my behavior more. You are so right about making excuses. I often tell myself it will heal faster/better if I just mess with it, which of course is B.S.

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