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agold , 12 Jun 2010

My mom won't admit that her picking is her primary problem

My mom has always been a compulsive picker, but up until recently it was not a major problem. She also has depression/anxiety, a distorted body image (former bullemic), and in the past few years has had some major traumatic events (mother dying, sudden divorce, her horse being seriously injured and unrideable). Hi there. I just found this forum and was hoping you all could give me some insight into my situation. My mom's skin picking has caused a serious problem, and would really appreciate some insight. My mom has been seeking dermatological treatment for the past two years for sores on her skin. She admitted to picking at them, but was convinced that there was a physiological cause. Fast-forward to now, and her condition has taken a major turn. She is totally obsessed with her condition, she has developed a host of psychosomatic issues (feelings of pulling down, feelings of things "under the skin that want to get out", muscle cramps), and she has developed some delusions as to the cause of her condition (convinced that her apartment has a mold problem.) Four different doctors' reports have used words like "cutaenous dysesthesia," "psychosomatic," and "excoriation." There have been no findings as to a physiological/derm condition. However she *refuses* to hear anything of the sort. Any doctor who teller her that is "stupid" and "doesn't know what they're talking about." I have even tried to relate to her my own personal experience with psychosomatic itching (much milder, but the same anxiety-response loop). She is totally irrational. I guess I am looking for experience from anyone who either has dealt with someone in this condition, or formerly had this angle of psychological problems. It is so frustrating dealing with her because when confronted she acts like a child and tells me to leave and she doesn't need my help! I love her and I want her to get better.
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June 12, 2010
I am sorry to read about your mother. I am probably older than her and have had a similar skin picking problem throughout my life though not as severe as her it seems. I feel very sorry for her and it sounds like she needs a friend. You can't be that. It also sounds like she needs some rest- time away from the flat. When I have an outbreak I engineer to get away so no-one can see me and give my face time to heal and it generally works It certainly sounds psychological - mine is caused by stress and when situations occur which are important or have a possibility of rejection I am happy to answer any more questions You and your mum have my sympathy

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