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unhappywithhabit , 12 Jun 2010


I have been doing this since I was 12 and I am now 20 and have started to notice the scars that I have been leaving on my face. Although I have cut down a lot it is so hard for me to completely quit, and I still do damage daily to my face and if I have an outbreak on my back I will start that. I constantly think about how much I want to quit and how much I regret it everytime, but it doesn't matter, once I start its like time doesn;t exist, my mind is blank and all that is on my mind is where to go next to get that satisfaction. It is very emberrassing to have to del with this, and I really would like some support to help me stop, I've tried jut not looking in the mirror but I will want to pluck my eyebrows or something and i will instantly start to pick. I have so many bad habits, but this is by far my worst and I just want to stop! what are any good scar/ acne removing products that you guys have tried? I have pretty sensitive skin so I never know what to use. Thanks-
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June 14, 2010
you've realized you have this problem ... this habit ... this disorder ... this compulsion .... you have found this site and there are many others ... there's lots of information on the menus on this site and in the topics on this site as well as on ... what you need to do now is read as much as you can about it and what others have contributed and process that information ... talk to your health care professional(s) about it and those in your life that can support you through dealing with this ... create a plan of action from from what you pull together through your research and discussions and commit to the plan and discuss it here or journalise it either online or in a diary ... with information and determination and commiit is not likely to go away on its own ... i hope that's not the case with you ... i wish you strength and believe if you truly want something, it can be made to happen !! ... there's lots of information if you seek it ...

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