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Bitterbrew , 14 Jun 2010


i have talked about this once before but nobody seemed too interested in the topic, or had anything to say on the matter. My whole family has been sick these last two weeks, so me, the one with the skin problem, was taking nyquil everynight to stop the pounding headache and cough. Suffice to say, my skin looks amazing! At least compared to normal circumstances. Now i am not saying that nyquil is everyones answer and some kind of magic that will cure everyone of this affliction. But my theory remains the same. i can't speak for all but I believe all of us with dermatillomania have anxiety issues. The sedative affect nyquil had on me made me skip my hour long or more bedtime routine to 5 minutes in bathroom because I couldn't wait to get into my bed. Bedtime is my bad time, because I guess I am thinking about my day and about the next day and sink into this trance. Sounds odd but usually I am having this conversation in my head with someone, and it's usually critical, defensive, or negative. The sedative affect for bedtime, or even a mild one for those to take during the day might help with these anxiety problems, and thus cancel out the trance or "tweak" state our anxious heads put us in. The desire to pick will probably always be there. But sedatives given for anxiety might give us the "i don't care" attitude. Or we might think of more creative ways to handle our anxiety and stress instead of on our skin. But the trance, as if under a spell, our eyes glaze over and suddenly we are trapped inside our head, until someone shouts at us to stop and we get really pissed off. It's probably like waking a sleep walker. Dangerous.
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June 14, 2010
interesting ... i think that it would be the perfect time to use this awareness to your benefit when you stop using the nyquil ... use whatever you can use at bedtime to avoid that ritual that the nyquil prevented .... everything of course that is wise to use ... i certainly don't want to encourage a dependency on sedatives to address cpd .... i just mean to keep the cycle broken while you can ... don't allow yourself to slip into that trance ... find a way to be stronger than that urge ... keep upsetting the cycle that once was ... nyquil was one wrench into the works ... find another ... others ... use them to break the habit ... fall in love with healed skin ... do whatever it takes to keep it that way .... be strong ... be focused ... i believe how the nyquil might have helped for the time being ... but it isn't the ultimate answer ... neither is 42 in this case ... *grin* .... but finding whatever works in altering our behaviours one bite at a time is worth it ... with the end result being having picking as a history, rather than a practice .... all the best to you !! ... ♥

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