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embaressed411 , 14 Jun 2010

Feet picking

Well...I guess I should start with the fact that I am a 22 year old female that has been picking her feet for as long as she can remember. Since I cant remember a time where I wasent picking my feet I have no idea why the hell I have to do it...The really gross part is I used to actually eat the skin that I had picked I just chew on it then spit it out. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or what not...after years of this my feet are so disgusting and im so afraid that someone will see them and then my dirty little secret will be out. Please help.
5 Answers
June 14, 2010
We all have found ourselves here because we have a problem. With each of us it might differ as to where or what we pick, scratch, rip or pluck or whatever self defeating, self harming, injurious behaviour that we employ. We each have deep seated reasons for what we do, be it any one of a number of experiences from an abusive upbringing, abusive relationships, traumatic experiences, stressful environments, stressful times, or any such negative, life-sucking, history we’ve endured. We have turned to hurting ourselves to cope and deal with all that. Perhaps even so that we don’t turn to harming others! Who knows? But that doesn’t make it right. It’s not the healthy choice. It’s not the intelligent choice. And as intelligent people we must realize that no one else, no doctor, no therapist, no dermatologist, no psychologist, or no hypnotist can make us change our behaviours. Only we can. It’s great that this place offers a place to share the extent of our behaviours. It’s great that this place offers a wealth of information about our disorder. It’s great that we can encourage each other here. But what we must realize is, it is our own responsibility to READ the wealth of information here and to CHOOSE A COURSE OF ACTION, not just ask for help expecting it to come from an external source. The information is here. Sure, share your experiences, share what might have caused it, but from the information offered, choose what you CAN and WILL do for yourself and COMMIT to doing it. That is what it is going to take. However long it has been going on in your life, it has gone on too long. The fact that you have come here investigating your self inflicted harmful behaviours is indication that it is time to MAKE CHANGE.
June 15, 2010
I do the same thing. I have been picking and peeling my foot skin for like 10 years now (I'm 28). I don't eat it, but the larger the strip that I can pull of, the happier I am. I will actually use the really large pieces as bookmarks (I know that sounds so F-ing is disgusting). I was even doing it at work, or other peoples houses. I would have to carefully and quickly pick up the skin bits and throw them away so my friends didn't find an odd little pile on the floor. I recently got a callus shaver and I use it once a week to keep the callusus down. It actually keeps me from picking my feet till the bleed, and I still get some satisfaction out of removing skin, but not too much. It keeps me from ripping too deep. I'm also a recovering head picker. I used to pick until i got little scabs on my scalp, and for some reason I find scalp scabs the BEST scabs to pick :p but getting my hair done was so embarassing. I've mostly stopped that part, but it is really hard. Sometimes I find myself doing it while i am half asleep. Good luck to you! you are not the only one!!!!!!!!
July 30, 2010

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A.F. You are not alone! I have been picking/digging at the skin on the bottom of my feet since i was about 8 or 10 years old, using tweezers, pen nibs, my fingers, corn remover blades,paper clips, whatever I have handy. This can take hours, and can last until the bottom and sides of my feet are bleeding and painful to walk on. I have never told anyone this, but I like to keep the bigger strips of skin and then examine them carefully, sometimes chew them. I used to get pedicures and have my nails done, but those "good" periods don't last long. At night, in bed, I run the nail of my big toe over the skin on the opposite foot, trying to dig into a callus or skintag. The I obsess until I can get to it later, privately.
July 18, 2010
Hi I'm a male 13 Ive tended to do this since I was about 6 I get really bad too sometimes I'll take the nearest sharp object to break more skin to peel I eat mine to idk why it's a bad habit and I'll do it the point were I can't walk well, my parents know I do this and get grossed out my feet look really bad at the bottoms ,one time I went swimmig at my friends and I fell down and since my foot was wet the skin was more noticeable and they asked WTF is wrong with my foot and I was nervous so I lied and said I steped on a bunch of sharp rock ( worst lie ever ) I thought I was the only one who did this it's nice to know I'm not alone , I feel as if picking my feet is like my drug I can't live without it and it gets realy bad like as I'm typing now my feet r stinging from picking, I cant stop
September 29, 2010
i am so happy im not alone in this i pick the skin on my feet all the time as im wiriting this my foot is throbbin i hate that i do this i cnt even wear sandals cos im embarrased bout my feet its disgusting i darnt even get a bf incase he sees my feet i keep um covered all time i really wanna stop this any advice?

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