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MasterPicker , 16 Jun 2010

Why Stop?

I want to start by saying I'm not asking why stop as in don't stop, I'm curious the different reasons people have for stopping. i.e. embaressed, dont want people to see, pressure from someone else, it hurts sometimes, etc... When you look at what it could be replaced with, its not the worst thing in the world is it? I mean, its not bad for your health like smoking, it doesnt cost money like gambling, it can easily be kept hidden, etc. So whats the big deal? Why do you want to stop?
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June 17, 2010
I want to stop picking because I have caused scarring on my face. I used to have no scars and I was horrified when I realized that I was causing them. I think that it can be really harmful to your mental health and also your physical health (with infections). For me personally, I would honestly rather have a problem that is less of a social stigma (yes, even smoking!). Picking is seen as a form of self mutilation by many and it is poorly understood. I have found that even my family has had difficulty admitting that I have a problem. I think that if the picking was in an area where I could hide it, I would still feel some shame, but when it's on your face, you can't hide it completely, you have to see it, others can see it. I want to stop because I am harming myself and it's not a healthy way to live. I guess that it's a personal choice we all have to make. I used to deny that it was a problem, but since it has gotten worse I am forced to admit it is an issue and it is something that i desperately want to change. I am taking medication and have an appointment with a therapist. I have been trying to pick less and change the way I look at myself.
June 17, 2010

In reply to by Kait

Yes, good reply. That all makes perfect sense. I can understand the face issue as I spent a few years ripping apart my lips. Don't know why I switched there but I kicked that easily once I started in a new place. Or I should say back in the old original place which had fully healed. I made a consious decision that I would rather ruin that area since its fairly hidden than my face. Since its much more hidden I dont mind it. I also havent gotten an infection and its been 30 years or so. I let mine heal then pull off the hardened tissue, repeat as necessary, not breaking blood, only the top layer, so when it heals it doesnt scar. It stays a little discolored for a few weeks but softens up eventually.
June 19, 2010

In reply to by MasterPicker

Besides wrecking havoc on my self-esteem, I look at all the time wasted, sitting on my bathroom counter, mutilating my face. We're talking anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. I could be using this time doing something good for myself like exercising, meditating, spending time with loved ones, or even going to bed in cases when it's 1:00 in the morning and I'm still picking. As soon as I felt a bump, I would always say to myself, "I'm just going to pop this one, just this one." 3 hours later I'm still going at it. When I'm finished, I'm so ashamed of myself. Not only do I look awful, but I feel awful as well. These are my main reasons for stopping. Even though it's only been a few days since I've had an episode, a few days is an accomplishment for me!
August 29, 2010

In reply to by amyj

I agree with amy. When I'm alone, home, and have hours to myself, I have no perspective. But when I go outside and am "forced" to socialize (I am extremely anti-social), then I'm also forced to compare my scarred, ice-picked, dimpled face and spotty complexion with even the skin of someone older than me, who looks normal. I've totally ruined every chance I have of ever having normal skin again on my face. It's been going on over ten years so I know already, these pock marks on my face, and all the purple raised keloids on my shoulders and breasts and now abdomen, are permanent fixtures in my life, and constant reminders of my inadequacies. As a result, I'm very insecure. I'm also very shy,...or to the contrary I'll tend to be very abrasive. So someone will either really like me, or really dislike me, but there's no gray area, no middle ground. I've lost friendships, money (from time lost), and my marriage is severely affected. It's also sad to say one of the biggest motivators for me to stop is shame, humiliation, embarassment. It should be, like wildflower has pointed out, my desire to keep my body healthy that's the prime motivator. Instead it boils down to pleasing others. Becuase let's face it, if we never had to face other people, probably few of us in here would give it up. But it's those times where we're confronted, for real or in our heads, when we're in public, that we are "forced" to get a different perspective about what we've just done to ourselves.
September 05, 2010

In reply to by amyj

U said it! Time flies when your having fun picking and getting all that junk out of your pores. Then you realized you wasted 2 hours of your life. Your face hurts. And you are going to have to wear a shit load of makeup 2morrow. Plus, you have to wait till all your scabs heal and peel ugh!!
June 19, 2010
our skin is our largest organ. it provides a protective layer for our organs and tissues against diseases and infection caused by dirt and any material contaminated with germs. contamination can enter wounds from from an object that caused the wound, the skin around a wound, clothing, hands, and dirty dressings - virtually anything from water to air touching the wound, in fact. it is our responsibility to reduce illness and injury to ourselves. that is why we should stop picking. it is irresponsible. it is senseless. picking is playing russian roulette with our health. and again, it is our personal responsibility to take care of our bodies. to do it no harm.
June 20, 2010
i want to stop as i have a 8 month old and im too emabarassed to take him swimming in case people see my arms. also i dont want him to copy me and pick up the habit himself. this is how i started picking 12 years ago
September 05, 2010
I want to stop because it upsets me that i do it :'( My family keeps getting at me about it and i know that i should protect myself. I want to be able to go out and meet people and wear whatever i want and not have to worry about if my picking is showing. I also have my school prom in july next year and i want to be able to wear an nice dress.
September 07, 2010
When you do it on your face, lower arms, and feet it is hard to hide. Especially in hot weather. It is embarrassing if you want to have relations with a significant other and most people dont like to see it on themselves. It is a risk to your health.... if you do it enough, or deep enough... they can get seriously infected. And if you have kids, it's not a habit you want them to develop. Are those enough reasons?
September 07, 2010
Reasons I want to stop: I want to feel sexy when I am naked in front of my boyfriend. I want to look stunning in a wedding dress. I want to be able to wear my hair up and off my face. I want to be able to show off some cleavage! (I am pretty blessed in that area, but I always hide them because of my picking) I want to be comfortable in a bathing suit and be able to swim without worrying that my make up will wash off and everyone will see what Im hiding. I want to stop wasting money on acne products that don't do a damn thing. I want to stop staining pillowcases, sheets, and bras. I want to stop wasting so much time putting on make up. I want, for once, to believe that I'm beautiful.

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