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Caitlin.C , 19 Jun 2010

New to the site- scalp picker:

I'm Caitlin, 21 years old and mom to a 15 month old gorgeous boy named Declan (Deco for short). Ever since probably the akward pre-teen years hit I've been picking my scalp. Not awefull compared to some testimonies. Before then, I picked at my ears, the inner top until it bleed and scabbed. And then I'd pick again. I literally just descovered via internet that picking my head was an actual disorder and not some random nervous tic I had. I'm completely ashamed and have a hard time getting my hair done... at any given time I have atleast 5 spots on my head that I pick. Again, they aren't as severe as others, but they get noticed and commented on enough to be ashamed. I know dermatillomania is pretty broad but I'm hoping to find others to talk to that are strictly/mostly a scalp picker. It's almost a relief to find out that there's a medical name and enough of an explanation for me to feel less insane and alone with it. ;)
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June 20, 2010
hello I've scalp pickedfor about 4 years nowto the point of getting sores on my head, i also used to pick the top inner of my ear until it bled, then it'd scab over and then pick it again. I don't know what it is that seems so satisfying :/ I've recently been telling myself to stop but i don't realise i'm doing it, so it's proving difficult, I've found that i don't like to pick my scalp when it's clean, so I've been washing my hair more often, but of course that's made my head dry so it's still not the best way to stop. I've also tried doing other things with my hands when I'm sat watching TV or reading a book, like drawing or holding the book with two hands. If you think of any other ways of trying to stop Scalp picking please tell me :)

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