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mario , 24 Jun 2010

pinkish fingers

mario rivera so this is where the skin picking/eating weridos congragate. i just cant believe there is a site for this type of disease. for me it started somtime when i was between seven and 10 yrs old. i started because my mom would bit her nails and i would imitate her. well now i'm 31 married and have a 2 yr old daughter and i cannot stop this disorder. it has manifested to something i do everything 4 to 5 days or once the skin grows back on the backside of my fingers. and just like the rest of you i don't know why i continue and i dont know how to stop. i dont want my daughter to do the same thing i did because this has been such a burden on me. explaining my hands to friends and strangers alike. i use a nail clipper to clip chunks of skin off and then i eat it, ill do this for about one hour on both hands until there is nothing left to pick or eat. there is scarring scabing and the underside of my hands always look pinkish and diseased. people actually ask if i have skin cancer lol. i've tried to stop many times and tried many things to stop, nothing seems to work. i cant afford a therapist and i dont have health insurance way to caostly. someone out there please help i've had this disease for 25years now and have forgotten what my hands look like normally, i envy all men with normal hands i stare at their perfect skin and wonder what my hands would look like if not for this diseased. please help-deep south texas

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