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paradiseprincess , 26 Jun 2010

Re-opening healed scars?

Soooooooo, I'm 16 years old, and I have compulsively picked my skin since I was 11 months old (that's when I was adopted from china. So, unfortunately I have no idea if my picking is genetic). I also have the urge to chew the scars I have picked off (but never eat them) But I have also found my self re-opening my semi-healed scars (it's wired. Some areas I pick never heal completey. Like they scar, bt the scar is reddish or purplesh. One time I accidently poked my self with a needle and I found that it slid under the scar really easily. ) with a sewing needle or pin. I was wondering if anyone else does this, and maybe I could get advice abou lt how to stop all of this (picking my skin, chewing on the scabs, and re opening the scars). I'm in high school and sometimes my friends (and sometimes teachers) ask me what is wrong with my arms, legs, etc... I have begun to feel really self conscious about this kind of thing. Sooo..... If anyone else has this problem or if anyone else has advice to help this problem, please let me know/share your advice. It is much appreciated. Thank you all! :)
2 Answers
June 27, 2010
I have a tenancy to do the same thing. The best thing to do is to put some antibacterial cream on the padding of a band-aid and cover the scar to keep from picking at it. The cream will help heal the scar and make it appear less noticeable. Because it's summertime, you might have more luck with people not noticing. I use the little clear circle band aids. Once they heal, there's nothing to pick! As far as the whole skin picking thing, I've been struggling with this since I was a young teen. I'm now almost 36. It is a form of anxiety and OCD. If you can get into therapy that specializes in these areas, this will be beneficial. You can also purchase books on OCD and anxiety. Right now I am reading and working with THE COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL WORKBOOK for ANXIETY by William J Knaus. I am also reading a book about gaining more self-confidence as this can be an issue for compulsive skin pickers. You might want to take some little steps such as covering your mirror with a sheet, and jouranling every time you pick, and how long the episode lasted. You'll see how much valuable time is spent picking! I notice I skin pick when I'm bored or anxious about something. I am trying out new behaviors to substitute for picking such as exercising or gardening. I never knew I could garden! I've always been making essential oil skin products which has been really fun! Find some new things to do with your time and hands. It's a day by day process, but you have to keep working at it! Good Luck!

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