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fooi89 , 28 Jun 2010


So, I have always known that I have a serious issue with skin picking, and that it may someday leave permanent damage to my skin (face, specifically) but I can't seem to find a way to stop. It's my Acne. I'm a 21 year old female, so thats not out of the ordinary, and LUCKILY I haven't had serious scarring (yet). The dilemma I am facing is really supply and demand. If I had no acne to begin with, there would be no reason for me to pick. I ONLY pick my blemishes. Well, anything that vaguely resembles a pustule. Is there anyone else with the same specific problem? Am I just rationalizing the problem and blaming acne? If there was a magic cure for blemishes, surely this would end my OCD plight. Does anyone have any advice?
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June 28, 2010
these were my thoughts too ... if there were nothing to pick, i wouldn't pick ... at 55, i'm still struggling with trying to leave imperfections alone .... not picking at something or other ... i maintain, i don't pick at anything that isn't there ... there seems to be always something or other ... the long and short of it is, there likely always will be and that my skin would be better off if i didn't make war with every little thing ... i've managed to quit picking for 48 consecutive days and have seen my skin healed and it was wonderful ... it is difficult to stop picking completely but i maintain, it must be possible ... if i could do it that long once, i should be able to do it again ... i just must get serious about it again ... from my experience, i know it is possible, at least for me, but it requires commitment and determination to changing behaviours ... i hope you find the commitment, the determination, the plan of attack, etc, sooner rather than later so you're not me, years down the road, still suffering and dealing with this compulsive disorder ....
June 29, 2010
I ONLY pick my blemishes too. I then had one week where I went to another city for a conference and was working long days. During this week I really had no time to pick (public places and people always around) and I was too exhausted to do it when I got back to the hotel. Guess what happened? I had way less acne and some stuff actually started to heal! Guess what else, I thought I had no problem until I told myself I would leave my skin alone. I couldn't do it. I cannot walk by a mirror at home without picking. Think about it this way... if you had a large gash on your leg from a knife and the doctor told you not to touch it until it is healed you could leave it alone until it is healed right? Well try to tell yourself that with the blemishes. It doesn't work right? I mean a gash is even uglier but it would be easier to not pick at it for some reason. My point is that you chose your skin... and probably add to the problem like I do, really giving yourself way more to pick at. You could have picked something else like your hair or nails but you chose your skin. Also, if you pay attention, most of the people out there have the same pimples.. the small ones.. but they just let them be.. I actually find the most ridiculous excuse for a blemish and have to get it out. That is where the big, painful, not ready to come out but I am going to try anyway blemishes happen. Some leave scars, the worst thing is knowing I made them happen because I couldn't help myself. I am not saying there is anything wrong, but if you can't stop, even when you want to... something IS wrong. Take care of yourself.
June 29, 2010

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You are so right about the leg gash thing! I can leave those alone NO PROBLEM! And those big nasty grease bubbles that never seem to give me what I want? Yeah, those are the worst... Thanks for the words of advice. I needed to know that I am not the only person who has gone through this.
September 17, 2010

In reply to by crystalizedangel

Ah I'm so happy to read this! I've been telling myself the same thing lately--that people around me have "blemishes" but to me their skin looks perfect--probably because they have the self control not to go jabbing their fingers at every miniscule bump! Why on God's green earth do I ever feel the need to squish out blackheads that I can only see from centimeters away?! Nobody EVER looks at my face that closely (and I can guarantee that no one ever will unless I stop messing with my poor skin!) Anyone have any tips for keeping fingers away from faces? I am READY to stop. But the hard part is letting everyting that's there right now heal up. How do I face my classmates with a dime sized scab on my forehead?? And how do I convince myself that picking off the scab will not reveal healed up skin, but rather raw, seeping mess, even more hideous and harder to hide?? I am so tired of rushing home at the end of the day to my "sanctuary" where I can be ugly and make-upless. I spend all day anxiously hiding my face with makeup and my hair, when makeup can't do the trick. My skin feels disgusting after a few hours with caked on concealer and powder and all I want to do is wash it off and pull of the dried scabs that formed under the makeup. I just want to be free from this horrible, embarassing, shameful cycle!!
September 17, 2010
Not only do I pick my cuticles, but I also cannot stop popping my zits. I often think I missed my calling and maybe should have become a dermatologist so I could pop other people's zits. Often when I see someone with large whiteheads or blackheads on their face I wonder why they haven't popped them already and have to resist the urge to want to pop them for them! I have made a mess of my face to the point where I have permanent acne scars that I cover up with makeup. When I hit puberty, I got very oily skin and from wearing glasses all day, I ended up with black heads all over my nose. They are also around my mouth and on my chin. They are small, but everything I've tried hasn't made them disappear. When I was wearing acrylic nails it made it too easy to dig in and since the nails were sharp it would cause the skin to break and swell, thus the permanent acne scars I gave myself. I've since learned that if I have a pimple that's manageable to let it alone as best I can and it eventually clears itself up. I also try to resist the urge to run to the bathroom or run to find a mirror to pop the pimple and rather leave it alone and I eventually forget about it. Also, I don't keep a hand mirror in the bathroom anymore and I don't have very bright lighting in there either otherwise I will go to town. And finally I removed my acrylic nails - no nails, no access. I'm over 40 now and I thought I would eventually stop getting zits, but I guess I am doomed to have oily and pimple-prone skin until I'm an old lady!

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