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smooth01 , 28 Jun 2010


I'm new here. I've picked scabs all my life. I will also pick at my husband and it takes all my will power not to pick my kids scabs, I just hate rough skin. I want my scabs smooth and will pick so it's smooth and when it scabs over I will continue to pick till they scar in a smooth form. The worst area is my back as it is hard to get a bandaid on back there and my acne on my back there usually becomes a scab as it is hard to reach to just pop them. The worst times for me is when I'm at work in the afternoon and I go to scratch my back and can feel a scab, or when I'm about to take a shower and can see scabs and then feel them and know they are rough. Or sometimes I can even feel (or think I feel) the tightness of my skin healing around the scab and it causes me to itch, etc. Bandaids help deter this but when I get tired all I can think about is I want to see if it's scabbed over, the edges of the bandaid start to itch or come off, or sometimes it feels like my skin needs air. At any rate I feel I'm kind of at an inbetween stage where I can see it getting really bad or better. I'm trying right now to make it better, before it gets worse.

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