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herrellia , 01 Jul 2010

Scalp Picking

i have been picking my scalp ever since i was in elementary school. i have even eatten the scabs that i picked. i have figured out that the habbit has came from stress no matter the extreamity of it. arround the final weeks of high school this past june i started scratching my legs. now, i normally get itchy legs when it comes to allergies or dryness however now the skin picking had progressed to there. i have nasty scars on my legs and on my scalp. it is so depressing to me how i could do this to my self. i have even tried to stop but never happened. my mother has always told me to stop but her just saying that wont help. i feel ugly, ashamed and disgusting. at times it looks like i have scabies or something. to top all that off im also getting thinner hair now because of the scars on my head. the scars are not HUGE but big enugh and deep enugh to leave dents and marks on my head. im so frightened to start college with this problem. i think i will probably do something worse than scalp picking. i think i have a addiction or a obsession problem... the only thing that i am glad to have is the selsun blue to help my scabs heal more quickly.

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