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brens , 03 Jul 2010

Picking in the shower

What is your experience as a picker in the shower. I often shower 2 times per day. I'm not sure if it is because I don't feel clean or if it is because it might stop the itching and urge to pick, or if it is an opportunity to dig at the scabs that become soft under the hot water. Does it damage the skin as much to dig at the soft scabs as opposed to ripping them off when they are dry?
3 Answers
July 03, 2010
unless doing physical exercise or exertion or in contact with excessive contaminants, the human body does not need to be showered even daily. too much washing destroys the skin's natural defenses to protect itself and our inner organs and weakens the system especially when harsh products and excessive exfoliation is employed. picking resulting in open sores is never a good thing as it is breaking the body's protective layer and increasing opportunity for disease and/or infection to occur. damage is damage no matter when or where it is done. people in general are too often in denial about what proper self care is about. self surgeries are definite signs of denial and we buy into marketing and advertising schemes to believe we need this, that, and the other product for this, that, and the other need whereas our bodies needs are relatively basic. Gentle cleansing with simple gentle products and practices, clean clothes, healthy nutrition, adequate fluid intake, exercise and avoidance of unhealthy practices, products and activities are the body's simple physical requirements.
July 03, 2010

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three sites on bathing:---------> :---------> />
July 04, 2010

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thanks wildflower. i will be looking at those links for information. hmmm....looks like I'm doing everything wrong. hot showers, twice daily and lots of scrubbing with an exfoliating cloth--all things that make one itchy and dry.

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