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wiltedfame , 03 Jul 2010

Holidays in isolation...

For the first time in my life, I'm going to be spending my 4th of July locked in my apartment because my face looks so bad I'm under house arrest. I've been doing everything I can to heal but nothing has worked. Is anyone else in a similar boat?
1 Answer
July 04, 2010
i've had to have "bandage days" many too many times. days that i feel i must keep my bandages on for more than the usual overnight in order to let my sores heal. days i kept myself indoors and only with people comfortable seeing me bandaged up. my sores used to heal nicely overnight but either my skin is taking longer to heal (most likely the case) or i'm doing more serious damage and the sores are worse (also possible but less likely) so more and more often the bandages need to be on for longer and longer time. i've imposed two and three day isolation periods on myself out of need too. it only gets worse so it must be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. everything must be done to eradicate the compulsion now vs later. again, it only gets worse and harder to address. i hope you're in a position to put together a plan to end such insanity and commit to it with determination and constant vigil such that you conquer it. i wish you all that and strength.

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