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July 15, 2010

Hi, you sound really desperate. Being a teen is tough and it can be scary when you feel like this. An excellent help line is "Young Minds" who specialise in teen mental health. They are based in London and offer a consultation with a psychologist who will call you at a pre-arranged time. She is excellent, kind and very reassuring and will signpost you to further help. They understand bi-polar. picking disorders and self harm and have literature you can request. Call them in confidence and talk over your problems. I do not have their number to hand but you can get it from directory enquiries. I think they would help you to start tackling this problem. Not all of us pick because of a need to cause harm / hurt. I know I do it for no obvious reason other than feeling compelled to deal with the rough skin / spot / scab. The pain / scarring I cause myself is an annoyance and source of regret rather than my objective. I hate to admit that the picking itself brings me pleasure and satisfaction. I have no idea why.. You may pick however for other reasons. You mention "comfort" and "calming" and "feeling out of control." These are all feelings you need to discuss with a professional. Go easy on yourself and believe that you will get through this with the right help.This is the hardest part - asking for help - things will get better! - but please pluck up the courage to ask for some help as soon as you can. Your bi-polar condition probably puts you at further risk, so you must recognise that feeling this desperate is potentially dangerous and indicates that you need some help.