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abri2662 , 06 Jul 2010

Oh, hello. Newb

Hello all, I'm 20 years old and have had this horrible cuticle picking problem ever since I was a very young child. Why I haven't googled possible reasons for this till now, i don't know, but I am truly grateful that I found others who share the same problem. (not that I was under the assumption that other's were nonexistent) I am taking a psych class this semester and have briefly discussed it with my professor, his advice was of course to seek professional cognitive help, which i've yet to do, but honestly I don't think it would help all too well. I do know that my constant nail picking has interfered in my every day activities though such as paying attention in class and sleep routines. I literally stay up close to 3-4 hours a night in the "zone" with my nails. It is horrible, considering that I can continue to do this even while under the influence of sleeping pills. I was just curious as to affective remedeys anyone might know of? I don't expect the majority of suggestions to actually work, however I am definitely willing to try. Thanks!

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