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Kait , 07 Jul 2010

Should I be concerned?

Hi all, about a month ago I had a painful pimple on my cheek. It was one that never really came all the way to the surface and it has gone down some but it still feels painful to the touch and bleeds easily. If I so much as scratch it, it will bleed and it seems to never heal up regardless of what I put on it (pimple treatment, neosporin, etc). I am wondering if I need to see a doc about it or if you have had similar experiences in the past? My mother keeps saying it could be a cancerous lesion but I don't think this is necessarily the case. Maybe it's just some kind of cyst? I don't know. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
6 Answers
Lara Coimbra
July 09, 2010
when i have a big pimple that would hurt me more then the other things, i block it with bandages...

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