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SouthSiouxGirl , 13 Jul 2010

I new here. Scab picker and lip picker

Hi. I am new and my boyfriend has really been bugging me about my problem. I pick constantly at my scabs. I find it extremely relaxing and I go into trances and some of the times dont even realize that i am doing it. Somehow the pain and the blood create some sort of pleasure to me. I will keep biting or picking my lips until i get blood and then I suck on my lip till it stops and then i let it get dry again and then as soon as i have a little bit of a piece that i can get a hold of i do it again. The same with my scabs, Summer is usually really bad fer scabs, I get the mosquito bits and then scratch them till they bleed and then when the scab forms i can not stop picking them until they bleed. I have a son that is 8 and he has developed my lip biting habit. I keep telling him he doesn't want the bad habit mom has.
2 Answers
July 13, 2010
Hi, I discovered this site today @ work. I am from Australia. Any other Aussies out there? I have been a picker for a loang time. I feel embarrassed to admit I pick my nose and also at pimples, blackheads and my scalp, finding tiny bumps that are nothing but I have a strong compulsion to get rid of them.I then pick at any scab that is formed. Mostly I get pimples around my hair line and also a few on my back. I know my skin to look so much better if I could only stop but I must pick and don't know why. Now I just want to cry because I have never shared this with anyone eveer and I am now 38. I also realized today my mother always picks her nails and scabs and seems in a trance like state others describe. I have had some sexual abuse in the past and have been through a divorce and though I remarried, I feel such guilt and remorse for what my ex had to go through almost every day. I divorced in 2005. I have had anorexia previously but am bulimic now and I used to cut a little when very stressed. I know the picking is self mutilation and I do want to stop. Maybe its the only way I can punish myself for being what I perceive to be a bad person. I don't really know how to interpret what I do. When I pick I feel a calmness to an extent. I don't register that I am picking for a few seconds, then realise a mild scratch has turned into a pick, then the scabs bleed and I have to control the bleeding. A bulimic purge, a good pick, the sense of relief comes then the shame and so it goes. I don't have a lot of scars and may not pick as much as other from the descriptions read, but it still is a big issue and to be able to tell this first time Knowing I am not alone is comforting. Thanks for reading.
June 20, 2012
That trance feeling I noticed the other day, its like a voice in my head is saying STOP DAMMIT! and another one is like, "not until the scab is gone" I don't care for the bleeding part bc im anemic and its hard for me to stop even from small scabs, but the"smooth" feeling is what I like. I hate that bumpy scabby feeling anywhere on my body and I mean anywhere! So I pick until the scab is gone and its smooth flesh left....nasty talking about for the first time is what it is. I wish I could stop. Like right now. But I can't. Most of mine come from acne. So you can imagine the damage I've done.

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