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PixL8 , 13 Jul 2010

Eating disorders and picking

Hi, just wondering if any one with a picking problem also has anorexia or bulimia. I had anorexia for several years, but have bulimia now and pick at pimples, and constantly scrape my scalp for deposits of sebum or dead skin cell tissue. It is so compulsive and I only realized what sort of problem I had after finding this website today. I pick or scrape more when I binge or feel anxious about what i have eaten or am faced with making difficult food choices. Are there others with similar behaviors?
1 Answer
July 17, 2010
Hello, I used to have bulimia, but I have overcome it and although I still occasionally binge eat I can resist the urge to purge. I am a picker and a hair puller as well. I sometimes binge eat to avoid picking or pulling, as a sort of distraction I guess. Not sure if this helped but you are not alone! I hope you find what you're looking for and let me know if you need anything. =)

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