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bandaidbaby , 18 Jul 2010

Behaviour Modification

I am finally seeing a therpist and being open about my skin picking. Therapy has started, and includes wearing gloves. I am serious about not wanting to pick, but I am picking MORE and failing miserably with my attempt to stop. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any insights as to why I could be reacting this way, actually getting worse instead of better?
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July 18, 2010
quitting anything that is a compulsion or an addictive behaviour causes anxiety ... fear of failure ... and the like ... it is a challenge and it is difficult ... it's great that you're working with a therapist ... i'm sure the therapist will see you through these things and help you deal with them ... the important thing is to be aware of it all and determined to beat it regardless of the difficulty of the process ... keep *wanting* to quit ... keep aware of what you are going through ... beating it will come as a result of standing up to it all and rising above it in the end because of your inner strength and determination ... keep using all the tactics that you can ... break all the patterns that led to picking ... replace old behaviours with new ones that are more healthy ... love yourself for recognizing what you're dealing with ... praise yourself for accomplishments ... find ways to reward yourself ... yes, it can and often does get worse before it gets better but getting your brain to understand it all and the complexities will help you get where you want to get ... healthy with good habits ... your mind is a powerful thing and knowledge is power ... learn as much as you can about it and rise above it !! ... you can do it !!
July 21, 2010

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I found out with me..that if I skipped a couple of days of cleaning my regular scheduled regiment on face arms, neck and chest...that I revert back to picking.....was on a camping trip and at the end got lazy and didn't clean....I"m now back to cleaning my skin....and my arms are starting to look much with any problem..sometimes we have some bad times...
July 21, 2010
ive recently started cognative behavioural therapy, it dosent seem to be the answer for me either, i actually think since i have been doing the sessions my picking is worse than ever, i cannot pin point why exactly just like i cannot pin point why i pick in the first place. i think we (me and my therapist) have finally come to the conclusion that my skin picking disorder is very complicated and c.b.t on its own isnt going to solve the problem, so i am going to attack the problem in every possible way, by going to the doc and asking to try meds and seeing a dermatologist and carry on doing c.b.t maybe a combination of treatments may help instead of putting pressure on yourself to quit by relying on one type of unsuitable treatment .
July 24, 2010
I am being dispatched to a psychologist for "mindfulness" therapy, 8 sessions, to try to help me deal with my dermatillomania, anyone have suggestions as to what I should discuss with the therapist? I have to find a therapist and book a session, and I am procrastining.

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