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wiltedfame , 20 Jul 2010

Scarring solutions?

I have a few pink dents in my forehead from picking that occurred a few weeks ago. It is easily covered with makeup but I do want to be able to go to the pool or beach without being self conscious. Has anyone found a semi cheap cure for pink scars?
1 Answer
July 21, 2010
Cocoa butter in general works wonders for skin. But Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil works reeeally well. Use it liberally. It's doesn't feel greasy. It's light - and tones/heals skin very well. It's about $10. Use a cotton ball to rub it over face, as often as you'd like, especially over the spots you picked. Also, for the pink spots, stay out of the sun a few days, the sun worsens wounds that aren't fully healed yet. I hope this helps. P.S. Witch Hazel is also another great face toner. Inexpensive and refreshing, doesn't sting.

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