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773niki , 25 Jul 2010

Wow, had no idea this was actually "something!"

Hi all - I am AMAZED something like this even exists. I've been biting my nails my whole life - I was a "daddy's girl" and he always bit/picked so I did and now I'm 28 and it's seemingly getting worse. I've actually been put on zoloft for anxiety and for some reason, I feel less anxious but I'm biting/picking a lot more - all day, everyday. Really bad calluses are forming and that makes me continue to pick - and pick and pick and I don't know what to do!!!! Just reading your guys' stories are comforting since I always just thought this was nothing. But, reading all this - I've had trouble with eating disorders, alcohol issues, I smoke cigarettes and now this. Just feeling a little crazy right now and I don't know - I'm a bit confused by all this information as I thought it was a stupid, harmless habit but now I'm realizing it might be more... ugh.

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