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lalaland , 26 Jul 2010

Just discovered this, smelling stuff?

I'm 23, and I pick blackheads/bumps to get the stuff out. Every once in a while I pick my face, but mostly it's in bed and I get my sides, chest, thighs, and especially the groin area. My husband and mom know about my obsessive picking (if my husband has a pimple or a blackhead, I HAVE to get it or else I feel sick to my stomach and obsessive). The thing I don't tell anyone is that when i get stuff out, oil or blackheads or anything from the pore I squish it and smell it. I hate it because I feel like a freak but it's soo satisfying I can't help it. I get a little choked up just thing about it. I guess I pick from anxiety or to calm myself or zone out or whatever, but why the smelling? It's weird. D: I haven't told anyone this and I'm debating mentioning the picking to my therapist.

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