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mbdtssn , 28 Jul 2010

hypnotherapy (hypnosis)

Hi all, My question is very simple. Has anybody tried hypnotherapy (hypnosis) to remediate skin picking? I have dermatillomania/trichomania since I can remember. I am ready to try anything to get rid of this nasty compulsion. thanks,
1 Answer
July 29, 2010
I had one doctor who sent me to a Medical Hypnotist. I'm not really a fan. Basiclly its just based on the power of suggestion - saying things/playing tapes to you over and over while your relaxed/falling asleep. But because it's just power of suggestion it's not going to work unless you're really receptive to it. I think you need to have completely made up your mind to stop unrelated to the hypnosis. If so, it would probably help. If you have any doubt in your mind that it would work or I think if you haven't properly worked out the reasons youre biting to begin with, I don't think it would do much. At least it didn't for me.

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