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Pinto , 29 Jul 2010

Mouth Biting

I was looking through the Forum, and I was having trouble finding a thread on mouth biting/picking. Could some one either point out to me where there is one, or if not, let's start one here. I'm back to my old habits now, but I had actually stopped biting for almost a year and a half. One of the things that really helped me, , was when I stumbled on another site's thread about mouth biting, and I felt a lot better hearing other people with the same stories as me. (Unfortunately, I haven't found that site/page since then.) There are a lot of people posting here who bite their fingers, which I do a little, but I think it would be really helpful to start a thread with people who's main issue is their mouth. I always feel so horribly socially awkward contorting my face to reach pieces of skin. Not to mention the whole lower half of my face kind of dully aching when I do it bad enough. I'm in CBT for a second time. Last time it worked great. After trying of different psychiatrists who didn't seem to understand the problem, the CB therapist really gets it. But this time I'm worried it's not enough. Not to mention last time when I stopped mouth biting, I was still replacing it with intensive nose picking. At this point I'm so discouraged, I don't know whether I should just keep pressing on with my CB therapist, or if i should try out some meds again.

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