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waterlily , 31 Jul 2010

This site is... island of hope. I came across it while on a ship of confusion and anxiety that was being broken apart by waves of destruction. I needed a retreat. I needed communication with people like me. This "island" is full of natives who arrived here the same way, but with completely different fates. I am no longer isolated from other humans, but with people who have gone through and are going through these troubled waters. I can talk without wanting to crawl in a dark cave. I can start to realize that my ship can be fixed, and help others mend their ships as well... I am 16 years old and have picked at whatever for as along as I can remember. It has made a deep impression on who I am during my teenage years. In fact, I think it is more prominent now than ever due to increased stress. It used to be scab picking. Now my habit is much more developed and diverse. It makes me waste my time and hold myself back from success. I know I am not living life as I'd like to and I now know that others aren't either. Jealousy seeps through me like powerful venom when I see girls my age at the mall, the local park, or at a party, living carefree lives. Sure, some might have burdens, but not always burdens that are physically seen on the outside, engraved on the body. This site gives me hope. I am forever grateful.

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