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wilf , 04 Jun 2008


Hi there i dont pick my skin myself although thinking about it i did like the odd pick at times briefly... my son has a problem and i really want to know how to help him without making things worse.. It all strated from nothing really about three years ago, hes now 15, i love him dearly and stood by last summer and watched him go out in jumpers etc when it was hot, this year i have told him there will be nowhere to hid and he stays in or goes out in a tee shirt... i know this may be the totally wrong ting to do but im at my wits end. I have had him to the gp who eventually referred him to the mental health hospital. We really didnt want to go down this route because he was getting into a bit of trouble at school and with the police so we thought it best to try and deal with it. Could any of the members please help me deal with this and help my son as i see him really pained at times cos i know he cant stop. thank you
1 Answer
June 04, 2008
Hi, It's hard to identify the specifics of your son's disorder from what you wrote. He might be suffering from dermatillomania. You can read the guide to picking disorders - it can give you some ideas and tips on how to treat your son's problem.

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