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miah2lill , 01 Aug 2010

medication cause picking

my mom just informed me that both times of my picking phases have been when i have been taking adderall. i am perscribed this medication and it does help me alot. but it terms i tend to picking from the increased concentration of the medicine . anyone pick from this medication
2 Answers
August 28, 2010
Write to concernedmom because she started a thread too about the correlation between adhd meds and csp and a few of us have noticed the same thing.
September 02, 2010
I tend to pick more when I dont take my adderall...when i take it im more focused on other things than my picking but when i dont take it im more spacey and find my self in trances of picking. maybe it depends on the person... but i have heard more that the meds cause picking than the other way around. does anyone else pick less when on adderall?

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