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Dannika17 , 03 Aug 2010

Is it bad to want to stay home?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and I have been severley picking my skin for a year now. It started halfway through grade 10, I mean I've always picked a little here and there but now it's just bad. I have not worn my hair out of my face for a year because I continually pick my forehead and generally no where else on my face. I have been picking my back and chest all year too. BUT I managed to ease up picking on my back and chest, I did pick it recently but it's not that bad and it will heal quickly. But my forhead is absolutely disgusting. I also have some kind of nto visible scars on my chin (visible to me anyways) and I picked my chin so now my forehead and my chin are gross. My chin is healing but my forehead really really hurts, and I feel very embarrassed to stay at home. I've managed to not severely pick my back and chest but I constantly attack my face!! And I almost was going to ask someone to work my three shifts so that I could sit at home and let it get better and then not touch it again, but it never works. I always say "I'll give it these days to heal" then it gets better and I pick it again. It's so annoying. I can't stop. I cry and say I hate myself. It's so stupid. I dont' have bad skin at all, that's the thing. It's weird how I make my own blemishes. Then I feel embarassed about them and I want to stay at home and I miss out on things. I'm getting irritated with myself to the point that I see no reason of leaving my house or seeing my friends. I can't stop!
3 Answers
August 04, 2010
Read the comment I posted on "Relief in not being alone." it might help you too.
August 08, 2010
I am going to try that "Scar" treatment stuff you get at the store, try that for your forehead, can't hurt. My face I leave alone, it's the "hidden" areas I target. I am a "picker" in hiding areas.
August 13, 2010
It's not bad to want to stay home, but it is bad to actually do it. Isolation is bad for your mental health. And if it's so bad it keeps you isolated, you should get help.

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