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ci09 , 05 Aug 2010

oh jeez...where'd my lips go?

i'm 16 years old and going to be a freshman in college this year. i never thought that i really had a problem with picking before, but recently it's gotten so bad. i thought everything i did was totally normal, picking at my skin on my face and my lips. no one ever tells me to stop except my mom, when she sees. but i feel like all i ever do is pick. i can't go to sleep unless i've picked all of the dead skin off my lips and until they're bleeding. and on my face, i pick all the dead skin off of it, making it bleed all the time. on my arms, i pick at the bumps until they bleed too. i've never really been ashamed of it or anything, i just put some foundation on my face, throw on some chapstick, and forget about it. but then as soon as i know it, i've wiped the chapstick off and the foundation and i'm picking again. i don't even realize i'm doing it. if i'm in class, or driving, or doing something with my hands then i resort to biting at my lips with my teeth, and since this is not as accurate as with my hands, i usually bite chucks out. yeah, it's gross. i have scars on my arms and all over my face, and i had always thought they would just magically go away, but then i realized they don't, because i am tearing them off before they have the chance to heal. is anyone else like this too? i don't know how to stop or what to do about it. anyone have any advice?

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