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nomorepicking , 07 Aug 2010

just found this site

Hi everyone. I'm so happy that I just found this site. Ever since I can remember, I have been a scab picker. It embarrasses me and I need to stop. I'm 33 and I'm starting to be covered in lots of very small scars. If I have something that I am picking at I wear long sleeves or pants sometimes, but not always because I know that doesn't stop me and I've just kind of resigned myself to these scars. I have this place on my leg that I have been picking at for weeks and it is so disgusting looking. I can't even stop picking while I'm at work. It's like this little rush I get. Sometimes I don't even mind when it hurts. Ugh. Anyways, just saying hi and even though I've tried to stop before, hopefully I can find a way to stop now.
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August 08, 2010
I too just found this, awesome we need to stick (or pick) together...end this mess.
August 09, 2010

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I've been pretty good this weekend. I tried not to pick at all. I did pick a tiny little bit, but not at all like I normally would (or like I wanted to!!). I did have to use a bandaid to stop myself. I guess as long as it works. I'm trying!

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