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Stormyseas1970 , 08 Aug 2010

Don't be ashamed, get help...we come from all walks of life...

Like I have said, I am so glad to find this site. I also belong to a site for past sexual abuse of children in which I am. As I have read on here, we have a nurse and too reminds me of when I was in my late 20's (I am 40 now) I dated a doctor, well come to find out after our first night of intimacy HE WAS a picker too! His back/shoulder area was just FULL of old scars. I was not a real back picker then, but did know the pain of past times. I started back up after the birth of my 2nd child when I was 30, other child is 22. Not sure why, and yeah we all need help to stop the madness as we are self mutilating ourselves and I know in the Bible there is some place about disfiguring your own body on purpose (like tattoos, which I have one of those too!).

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