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NeedAnswers.. , 10 Aug 2010

Read my story & help me.

I'm 14 yrs old. I'm Amber. Im starting Highschool, And ready for it. I've picked my scabs since i remember. My parents would always tell me to stop as if i could stop in the snap of my fingers. There was summers in the summer i wouldnt wear shorts. But in the 5th grade i stopped picking at my arms and there fine now a few scars. But my legs are scared and i dont know what to do. I've tried to stop and i couldn't, i don't know why i do it at all. I cut back on picking at them. But im allergic to mosquitoes bites so when i get them on my muscles the get alittle swollen, I get my mosquitoes a lot thats what pretty much all of my scars are from. I Play Soccer, Track, & Cheerleading. And in cheerleading i wear the higher socks that pass my ankles to help cover them somewhat. And i normally wear carpis and pants. But i'll wear shorts around the house or if i go out with shorts on i but a pair of Uggs on to cover the lower parts of my legs. I dont like getting asked about my legs or when people stare at them. I tell all my friends about my legs. I get a little embarrassed when guys see my legs. I've always thought that i was the only one out there how had this problem, then today i decided too look up why people pick there scabs and i found this and i decided to type this. So please comment back i need some answers..
3 Answers
August 10, 2010
Unfortunately, it is psychological and habitual. It is a learned (cognitive) behavior so you have to "unlearn" it. Trust me, we are all here for the same thing. What is the root of your picking? Try that scar stuff to see if you can get the scars gone, I too am going to try that.
August 10, 2010
Just a hint too, try using mosquito repellant to eleviate the beginning of the issue...:)

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