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Steph77 , 13 Aug 2010

Questions/Mederma/areas of pick

Im 25 years old and have had this problem since i was a kid. I actually remember exatcly how it started -I was 6 or 7 and my best friend at the time said she picked her scabs-thought it was cool, and ever since then I've had a problem. I played soccer all through highschool and most of college-and always used that as an excuse when anyone asked me about it. It wasn't until i graduated from college that i realized how severe the problem was. I was almost fooling myself -I had so many scabs and scars i couldn't distinguish which ones really were from soccer and which ones were self inflicted. Does anyone else ONLY pick their arms and legs? I've never picked my face (due to how visible it is to others). Atleast with my ligaments i can cover the majority of my scars w/ clothing. My biggest problem is i HATE the way scabs feel on my skin. I hate the rough, course, uneven feel the scabs have on my skin-which is why i have an urge to pick them. Obviously afterwards most bleed and will just scab up again within the next day, but i can not stand the feel of a scab-when my skin is raised. I subconsiously do it as well as pick to relieve stress, or boredom. I've gotten to the point where i've told my boyfriend and close friends-but have had multiple aquaintences ask me what happend to my legs or arms. In these instances i have been truthful and told them some are from soccer, but i do pick my scabs. Then i feel ashamed and embarressed. I have talked to people who say they have a problem too (but obviously not as significant as myself-seeing as i cant even see scars on their body). My boyfriend found this website for me and im praying it helps me recover. I just ordered a ring off of amazon that spins-hoping this will help by decreasing my fidgitness when looking for scabs. I also use Mederma-but IT IS A SLOWWWWW PROCESS. has anyone else use Mederma? Yes it helps to reduce the appearance of scars but the directions say you need to put it on 3-4 times a day on each scar and for old scars you do this for 3-8 months (new scars 4-6 weeks). Does anyone else realize how long this would take???????? Not to mention I have a normal 9-5 job-and putting a dab of lotion on every scar is not only noticeable to my coworkers but also takes a ton of time. I live in a state that has a million of bugs, constantly getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Yes you can use 'Off' or other repellants-but any woman would know that lotion attracts mosquitos. And im one of the people that when i get bitten the mosquito bite swells, becomes extremely itchy-thus creating a scab before i know it (and hydrocortisone is only a temporary reliever). I would also say im pretty active and clumsy. So i get scabs all the time-i really don't have the money to spend on the online therapists and am hoping this Forum can help me enough to conquer this battle within myself. Please share your comments and feelings-am open to all suggestions.

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