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mini , 15 Aug 2010

Skin picking and over eating

I have always had a major problem with picking my skin, since around 12 years old. I cant seem to stop, i know i dont have bad skin until i pick at it. But lately i am not sure why; i have starting picking my skin alot more, every single night get home from work i do it. But on top of that i have also started really over eating. I am trying to figure out if the two are connected. Could some please help me!!! I am sick of spending every single weekend hidden inside scared that anyone will see my face. This is not a way to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 Answers
August 17, 2010
the best thing for you to do first and foremost would be to talk to your doctor ... we are just laypersons here ... the next best thing to do would be to read through this site and others on the topics you are dealing with ... also talk to people close to you that you feel would support you with your issues ... once done those things, hopefully you'll have medical advice, perhaps referrals to resources more specific, information that you can decide what might be helpful to you, and a support system ... following that, you will be better able to embark on a plan of action to address all of your issues ... all the best to you !!
August 20, 2010
Hi wildflower. Nice to see you are still on here. Sorry you are struggling. I think they are linked. When I pick I feel so much anxiety I sometimes eat to numb myself. To me food is a distraction and a depressant. Its just another addiction and escape, like picking. You are right, it is not a way to live.
August 23, 2010
I pick on my lips whenever I've eaten fatty foods. I think it's because I think I'm going to get fat. Either way It's all about nerves and fears or you're trying to compensate or punish yourself for something...

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