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R , 15 Aug 2010

skin picking and help

Ive been picking my skin around my fingers since i was about 11..and im now 18. My fingers now look uneven and deformed looking because of this. During the day I never notice that im doing it untill I go to bed and my fingers throb and sting. My parents use to nag me about it but they knew it upset me so they've sort of stopped it now. My boyfriend always tells me to do something about it but I just dont feel as though I can actually go and get help because I feel stupid for doing it. I dont think my family or boyfriend understands how hard it is to book an appointment and go to the doctor and say errr I pick my skin. I dont know what they can even do about it. Has anyone been to the doctors about their skin picking? If so what did they do or advice? Please help meee.
2 Answers
August 15, 2010
Hannah Dear R, I can relate. i used to pick the skin around my fingernails a lot. Sometimes they would be red or bleeding. Now I pick the skin off my heels. Right now it hurts to walk. I have always been too embarrased to mention this to anyone. Just recently I found this website and realized that I'm not the only one that does this. I see a psychiatrist and psychologist. My next appointment, I'm going to discuss it with them. Remember, that whatever you discuss with your doctor is confidential, so your doctor can not tell anyone else. I know it seems really disgusting to you and everyone else, but it's probably a result of a much deeper emotional condition. I would start by contacting a psychologist. I really wish that I could help you more. I wish there was an easy answer. I hope that you find the help you need. Hang in there!
August 15, 2010

In reply to by Hannah

Thanks so much for the quick response. Ive been on a different website before and had no reply. Its so nice to know that we arnt alone. So thankful for the person that set this website up for everyone to discuss things! Iv started to do the same with my feet too, its getting so embarassing and yea it hurts so much too. I just cant think of a reason why I do this though so I thought it seemd daft going to a cancellor or something. You have inspired me to do something more about it though so thank you once again. Hope all goes well for you too :)

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