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Harlequinqueen1 , 17 Aug 2010

Scab picking, can't stop

I have been picking my skin and scabs ever since I can remember. I would go for periods were I would resist picking but that didn't last long. But now I'm back to it, picking at old wounds, by opening them up again. I feel that I just can't stop. I have so many embarrassing scars on my legs, back, arms, shoulders , that I can't count them all. I know it's a release for me when I do it, but the consequences are so great. I also scratch at my skin so hard, that I leave marks on my self. And sometimes I just scratch and scratch until I bleed and make a scab and then I'll pick it again and again. Does anyone have this same problem? I think alot of ppl with dermatillomania suffer from a form of anxiety and maybe OCD. That's what I've read when I've done some research on this disorder. Help. I can't stop doing this!

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