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joe03 , 26 Aug 2010

Needing to vent

I am 23 years old and I just needed to tell someone. There isn't a day that goes by, seemingly, that I don't have open red spots on my face. I am a compulsive face picker. I have a great life. Good job, great girlfriend, new house... I thought that once I moved out of my parents house I would stop picking for some reason. Truth is, it has only gotten worse. I live alone and more alone time means more picking at things that don't exist. Anything that looks like it can picked or popped on my face I dig in with my hands or tweezers. I have to come up with excuses why my face looks like this. Cut myself shaving, got it during sports, etc. People always ask what's wrong with my face. Today, it has gotten too bad. I want to stop. Today. Just looking for some guidance and advice.
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