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Sallyann , 30 Aug 2010

Newbie here - so new infact that I didn't know anyone else suffered from this except me until last night!

Wow, I thought it was just me who did it. I was so fed up with my bf going on and on about how disgusting it is that I keep picking at myself that I thought I would google it last night. I couldn't believe it when I actually found a name for it and that there are other people just like me. I lay in bed last night and cried with shock -I can't wait to meet you all - best wishes, Sally xxxxx
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August 31, 2010
Hi, I'm new here like you. I'm 14 and I have a severe scalp picking problem. I also have OCD. I was shocked as well to find out that their are others like me. I'm so glad that you found this site, and I wish you all the best :). We all share a common bond here, we are not alone
August 31, 2010

In reply to by Sallyann

Welcome Sally and Buffy. Veteran picker here. I'm 47, have picked at my fingers and cuticles for as long as I can remember, but started the face/scalp/body thing about a decade ago. My husband also finds it disgusting and doesn't hesitate to tell me that straight up. As if words aren't painful enough, there's always the look in his eyes. It does make it worse, in my eyes, that my face and breasts in particular are affected as they're parts of my body that are so personal. And I've lost any chance of ever having normal skin again. It hurts, can't help it, when the doctors are just as honest in telling me that this, these scars, only get worse with age (as opposed to fading with age). By the way, I think most of us, our first post, went on about how shocked we were that there were others who had this, that it was a real thing and not some imagined thing, and that others were willing to share and be open. I've never met another picker in person, but I wish I could. I'd feel far less alone.
September 01, 2010

In reply to by puppycat

I live in Boston, MA. I would love it if we all, or at least some of us who can, could actually get together and meet in person. I love the board, it helps a lot. But I can only imagine the relief to see another of you guys in person. Granted I think I may cry. Lord knows just finding this site and knowing others have this, was an eye opener. I would be all up for meeting in person.
September 07, 2010

In reply to by Popcorn47

So guys and gals, are we going to try a real face to face meeting? It goes without saying, safe place, public, day time, all that jazz. I don't want anyone to feel like they're entering a creep fest, but this problem of mine, the problem we all share,...I believe only GOOD things can come from being able to see for real there are others like us. Not someone writing on a forum board who may or may not have an issue. I am so game so count me, and let's do this if we can.
September 06, 2010

In reply to by Popcorn47

hey, i like what you wrote. I also pick my fingers and cuticles. I just posted the one with the Title "Picking the Pads off my Fingers." A little about me. I would love to meet another picker in person too. It strikes me that there are so many, but in real life, it's hard to identify theM!
September 04, 2010
OMG, i thought it was only me, I am 16 and i pick my arms and face mainly. My mum is always nagging me to stop and has threaten to take me to the doctors, which i would hate!! I don't know how to stop, if any of you have any tips to help please. It is so annoying, i want to stop but i just don't seem able to :'(
September 10, 2010

In reply to by Chazzles

I'm not sure if I want to stop yet! I know it is terrible to say but it's very satisfying and therapeutic to sit and pick and chew at my fingers. Hopefully we can help each other though, Sal xxxxx
September 05, 2010
I am 30. I live in CA. I have been picking since college. No ur not alone. Tons of people do it. But maybe we all can stop. I been wanting to stop for years!
September 11, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm new here! I didn't know there were many others out there like me. Im 22 and have been picking at my skin and biting my nails for at least 10 years now. I know it's strange but I too simply feel better and more relaxed after picking at my skin, even though I know I just destroyed my face. I've wanted to stop for years but half the time I don't realize I'm doing it until I see the damage. If anyone finds any good solutions please let me know!
September 21, 2010
Hello...Brand new here..41 years old..and after reading what people have posted, I felt so much relief just knowing that those feelings and urges I have...fantasies almost, of "getting out" whatever is under the skin on my face..I would never have imagined having the courage to describe to ANYONE my experiences, (bloody towels, etc, urges, and feelings) I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of people willing to help support and talk to one another, that I don't even know how to start..But I do know that I will look forward to talking, sharing stories, and offerring support as best I can. There are sooooo many things I have tried (products, techniques, etc) and am happy to share. So looking forward to chatting with you guys..I still cant believe I am writing on a forum with other people who truly seem to understand the intensity of these impulses..That alone, gives me a feeling of hope..Thank you, and I will be back!
September 26, 2010
I too am just finding out that there are people like me out here. I've just caught myself hack up my arms again! I don't know why I pick at everything, I feel disappoitment afterwards and I start to cry. I want to say I started when I was in my early teens I'm now 30. I mostly pick at my face and arms, just recently I've started on my legs. TO me if I feel a bump it's like something comes over me and I have to get rid of it. The next thing I now 10 mins or more have passed and my whole are and face are just like a war zone. Lately I've started to become more embaarressed about my scars, I hate tank tops never wear them and my face has a new pick all most every other day. I seem to never have clear skin. My Husband gets so mad at me he yell you don't even have pimples you have the best skin I've ever known. I tell him that my face is full of zits and so it's like I have to make sure they go away. I want to stop this so bad I never ever knew there was a name for what I go through. It's scary because it takes over my life and how I feel, I want to be happy and feel great when I leave the house knowing that no one is looking at me because I have this bad scab trying to heal on my face. It's such an embarssing feeling to know I did this and people have to see me.

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