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lavenderdust , 03 Sep 2010

Hormonal acne!

Hi, I just joined this forum looking for help and support to stop picking my acne. I'm 24 years old, I work out regularly, and eat pretty healthy. Although, I have been experiencing acne worst as i get older. I feel as if its hormonal and am not quite sure. Anyways, I pick and make it worst!!! I feel people treat me different and looks like i do drugs or something, which i have never done. What works for you guys? Your advice is greatly appreciated! :D
5 Answers
September 04, 2010
Hi lavenderdust, I am 22 years old and have suffered from hormonal acne for a while now! I eat healthy, work out, etc. My acne has gotten worse as I have gotten older. The only time that it cleared up was when I was on the pill. I use the Neutrogena 3 piece system as well as 10% benzoyl peroxide at night. I am currently not on the pill and I am pregnant so I have been breaking out more than usual and it is triggering a lot of picking attacks. If you do think it is hormonal then the pill may help. I recommend talking to your primary care provider about it or seeing a dermatologist. =)
September 17, 2010

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congratulations on your pregnancy! kait. unusally my skin was alot clearer when i was pregnant and i picked alot less too because i felt happier and more energetic especially towards the end when i was massive. its bizzare. with the hormonal acne i found i suffered with it when i was breastfeeding it was like i was 14 again i got painfull lumps develop under my skin on my forehead it was horrible, and when i finished breastfeeding after 8 months i got the painfull spots coming up a week before my period was due, i think for me its all down to rising progesterone levels and decreasing oestrogen which happens before a period and while breastfeeding. when your pregnant oestrogen steadily rises so that is what kept my skin clear but might be the cause of acne with you every women is diferent. hope your skin clears soon or at least when you start breastfeeding. good luck with your pregnancy x
September 17, 2010
Hi lavdnerdust! I'm 23 and though my acne doesn't seem to be hormonal, I've recently accepted that my biggest problem is picking. I honestly think that my skin would be near perfect if I would stop f*cking touching it all the time!! For me what has worked the best are post-it notes on my mirror. Not only do they make it harder for me to see my face, especially when I lean forward to zoom in, I put notes on them like "Walk away" "Don't do it" "you're only making it worse"...etc. I've also forced myself to throw away any needles (used those for popping zits the "safe" way), put my tweezers in an extremely inaccessable place so I'm not tempted to grab them to pull off dry skin, etc. When I catch myself in the bathroom, I immediately look for ways to distract my fingers--writing an email, reading through these forums...anything. Naps. Cooking. Eating. At this point I'd rather be fat than have seems easier to undo a bit of weight gain!! Also, one mistake I made was buying product after product. In addition to antibiotics, a retin-a and some other anti-inflammatory cream, I accumulated numerous BP and salycilic acid products, exfoliating scrubs, masks, etc. I honestly feel that I exacerbated my skin with chemicals, plus the picking. My best advice, outside of non picking, is drinking lots of water (cliche but so true) and keeping your skincare regimin as simple as possible. Good luck.
September 24, 2010

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My acne is hormonal but I think I could get over it if not for the picking. I have done like you, bought every product, tried every med, etc. After reading your post, I will commit to throwing away the needle, hiding the tweezers and putting away lots of product. I will try the post it notes and ditch the 20x mirror. At least that is a start. I can so identify with all of you!
September 20, 2010
I feel you! I have the exact same problem! Ugh, I'm 28 and had clear skin for awhile when it started popping up again when I was 26. Try to get a prescription for Aldactone, it's an anti androgen that is used to treat hormonal acne in women. If you break out around your chin, chances are that it's hormonal. I went on alcactone about 5 months ago and the breakouts got a lot better and now my main problem is that I keep picking at the damn things!! It's so frustrating I could scream! Does anything work for you to stop the obsessive picking? I just found this site today and am determined to stop!

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